Exaprom Inc.

Fuel Cell

Exaprom has some partnership research programs with LaNoMat (Laboratory of New Materials for Energy and Electrochemistry: www.newmaterials.polymtl.ca) from the École Polytechnique de Montréal (Prof O. Savadogo) on three main projects:

    - Development of  Low temperature cellulosic ethanol fuel cell with based on
      One Single cell chamber;
    - Development of MEA based New cathodes and Anodes for PEM fuel cells;
    - Development Fuel Cell Test Station for the studies of cell component aging.

Accordingly, LaNoMat and Exaprom intend to develop for the first time a new approach to address the improvement of thesingle chamber fuel cell efficiency based on air-breathing cathodes combined to the utilisation of alcohol tolerant cathodes. This will significantly solve the oxygen solubility limitation and improve its reduction by integrating efficient alcohol tolerant cathode (introduced by Savadogo and his group) to an air-breathing porous cathode structure.

The cellulosic ethanol fuel cell (one single cell chamber) operating at low temperature is of considerable interest, because it is the first time it may possible to truly power small mobile systems such as laptops.

The test station for long-term fuel cell testing for PEM components aging evaluation is on implementation. The members of the team of Exaprom (software) and LaNoMat (hardware) are working closely to build and test the software (control and acquisition); to design and to assemble the station.  This system allows the simultaneous and automatic testing of four fuel cells at the same times with:

                      - 5 heated zones and 7 measured temperatures;
                      - Flows and pressures of gas measured and monitored;
                      - Current control current or voltage control;
                      - Etc.